Related Parties

iSettlements can also help you with all of your related party transfers such as:

Changes to names on Titles due to Marriage

At settlement we can arrange for the preparation and lodgement of an application at Landgate should the details on a certificate of title change. Please note that your bank may also require you to update the title deed.

Changes of Address

If you have changed address and would like to update this on your certificate of title, we can prepare the application and lodge it with Landgate on your behalf.


In the event of a subdivision we can prepare all necessary documentation and lodge it with Landgate. We will also liaise with your surveyor and bank (if applicable) to ensure all titles are issued as quickly as possible.

Adding a spouse to your certificate of title

If you would like to add your spouse or de facto partner to the certificate of title and you have been in a relationship for at least two years, you do not have to pay stamp duty. To be eligible for the stamp duty exemption, the property must also be your place of residence and the transferor, the sole owner of the property. We can prepare all of the documentation but you may need to contact your bank beforehand to seek their approval for the additional name.

Survivorship applications

If a joint tenant has passed away, a survivorship application can transfer the deceased’s share of the property to the remaining joint tenants. We can prepare and lodge all the documents with Landgate to update the title and reflect the property in your sole name.

Separation / divorce

If a court order has been issued we can prepare and lodge the transfer of land and follow the instructions of the court regarding funds disbursement. When a court order is issued there is only a $20 stamp duty fee.

When a private arrangement is made between co-owners to separate, the transfer of land can be prepared and arrangements with the bank made to distribute the funds according to the owners’ instructions. Please note that the transfer will need to be lodged with the Office of State Revenue for stamp duty valuation which can take up to 6 weeks.