So it’s time to move on. You have accepted an offer on your property and now you would like to ensure that all of the remaining bits and pieces are handled in a smooth and timely manner. At iSettlements we make the process easy and seamless. From receiving the contract right through to the settlement date, you will be kept completely up-to-date with the progress of your settlement as each box is ticked and completed. After all, it’s only fair that you be kept in the loop.

Helpful Hints for Sellers

  • Make sure that you have read and understood all of the conditions on the offer and acceptance. If you are unable to satisfy all conditions in the timeframe, settlement may be delayed.
  • Sign a ‘discharge of mortgage authority’ form and hand it to your bank or settlement agent as soon as is practical. The bank will then require approximately 21 days to prepare the relevant documentation.
  • We will notify the Water Corporation, local government authority, Strata Company (if applicable) and the Office of State Revenue of the change of ownership and attend to payment of any outstanding charges. It is your responsibility to notify the other utilities (ie Synergy, Alinta Gas, telephone and insurance companies etc) of the ownership change. If you receive a rates notice during the settlement process please advise your settlement agent.
  • If there is no mortgage over the property please ensure that you locate the relevant ‘duplicate certificate of title’. Obtaining a replacement certificate of title is an expensive and time-consuming task.